New intraoral scanner challenges the dental market in 2017 – Heron™ IOS

By: Dental Products Report

Good news for everyone! 3DISC has announced a new 3D scanner designed for dentists to make digital impressions. This is another product created to improve the modern dental practice and provide an efficient service to dental patients. The Oral Surgery DC DC Team

3DISC has announced a new 3D scanner designed for dentists to make digital impressions.

3DISC, a provider of digital X-ray and 3D imaging technology for dental clinics, has announced the upcoming launch of Heron™ IOS, a new intraoral 3D scanner designed for dentists to make digital impressions. The hand-held scanner is challenging the market with its simplicity and ease of use. Comprising a small, lightweight hand and mouthpiece, it is not only a leader in ergonomics but also challenges existing market prices by offering highly competitive pricing without compromising its high quality.

"In the development of Heron™ IOS - our focus has been to bring a scanner to market that easily fits into the modern dental practice and workflows. Sleek and small, lightweight, ergonomic design in a solution that delivers great depth perception, color recognition, and speed. We understand that, first and foremost, the unit had to be precise in order to create digital impressions that the dentist can rely on," says 3DISC CEO Sigrid Smitt Goldman.

Additionally, the scanner development and design are based on four important cornerstones:

  • Open architecture - With output format STL and PLY. Compatible with most dental CAD systems, ensuring maximum flexibility for lab integration.

  • Price - The exact price is not yet available, but the scanner will be at the low end of the price scale - reasonable and affordable.

  • Ease of use - With the help of live video feed and guidance tools, the user is guided to perform a scan of the full dental arch in a workflow. The scanner itself is intuitive and extremely easy to use with its light and small design, and a rotating tip that provides the best angle for scanning.

  • Productivity - With precision, ease of use and openness comes productivity. It facilitates automation in the dentist’s workflow, as well as great communication options both between the dentist and the lab and between the dentist and patient. A perfect impression makes a perfect fit.

"There is a high-end segment in the industry for fully featured, advanced products and technology, where you naturally pay for innovation, as well as for the premium brands - the Ferraris of intraoral scanners. However, we recognize that dentists and clinics that primarily perform the most common restorations and a limited amount of impressions per year have different needs. With them in mind, we have created a scanner that covers all common features and restorations. Heron™IOS takes its own spot in the middle segment of the market - the "Volkswagen" of scanners - as the sensible and smart choice," says Thomas Weldingh, executive VP of sales and marketing.

The solution - Heron™ IOS is digital impression taking the smart and cost-efficient way.

The scanner is an optical impression system that creates digital 3D models for dental restorations. It records the tooth morphology, analog impressions or gypsum models for use in CAD/CAM for dental restorative prosthetic devices. A 'cradle' holds the scanner when not in use, and each unit comes with order management software for PCs, as well as lab integration with Exocad DentalCAD. The scanner software is set up to aid in the creation of restorations such as Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays, and Veneers. It also offers premium features such as color capture, shade-matching and a built-in heater to prevent fogging.

3DISC will debut this new scanner at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2017. With this world premiere, 3DISC takes an important step toward further solidifying their position in the dental industry by using its expertise of imaging technologies and creating new products that address the needs of the dental market. The new scanner from 3DISC will be available this year, with shipments expected to begin in Q4.


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